Professional Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Enclosures


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     Viking Audio manufactures a wide range of professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker enclosures for all of your pro audio and concert sound reinforcement needs.
     We supply all of our enclosures without drivers, allowing you to install the components of your choice, obtaining top quality performance at a fraction of the cost of similar systems.

Viking Audio L2D8 Sound
                                    Reinforcement Line Array
Viking Audio L2D8 Sound
                                    Reinforcement Line Array

Viking Audio 210 Line
                                      Array Arreglo Lineal


Viking Audio Pro Audio
                                      Line Array Arreglo Lineal


Line Arrays

     Our Line Arrays are high performance sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems engineered using advanced line array technology.

     Our fully horn-loaded designs provide high efficiency long throw output required for large scale indoor and outdoor applications, while our front loaded bass-reflex designs can be used indoors for smaller events or outdoors, using up to 16 enclosures per side.

     We currently have four models:

     - L2D8: For dual 8" drivers and a 1.4" exit compression driver
     - L2D12: For dual 12" drivers and a 2" exit compression driver
     - 210: For dual 10" drivers and three 2" exit compression drivers
     - 218: For dual 18", dual 10" and three 2" exit compression drivers

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MCW Series

      For over a decade, our MCW Series has been the choice of audio professionals worldwide, due to their long throw high efficiency designs and unsurpassed value.  They are ideal for outdoors concert sound reinforcement.

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PRO Series

      We designed our PRO Series for general purpose PA applications.  This line includes bass reflex and folded horn subwoofers, stage monitor and several bass reflex full-range designs.

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